NZ Global Financial Trading Ltd.

Diversified Asset Management

At NZGFT asset management, we overcome investment restrictions and continue to build up strong, long term and trust cooperator relationships with customers. NZGFT provide professional services include variety of asset category in order to serve different type of customers, such as private customers, financial intermediaries and institutions around the world.

Fixed Profit Plan

Our team capable to provide diversity of products from a globally integrated investment platform to meet customers unique needs around the world. Our fixed profit plan not only surpass government core and corporate bond sector but also extended to other filed, such as high profit, emerging markets bond and unrestricted currencies policy. We integrate a wide range of financial instrument in order to provide a better investment tools, plans and solutions to our customers around the world.

Investment Plan

NZGFT provide active asset allocation, currency, multi-manager, structured solutions, risk advisory and strategic investment advisory services. Manage a wide range of regional and global diversity asset investment plan. We cover global Investment, structured investment portfolio, convertible bonds and risk and return absolute profit strategies. Through risk management and strategic investment advisory services to provide customers a wide range of investment-related features.

Investment Advisor

NZGFT provide creative entrepreneurs on capital and business operating experience. Our purpose is to assist entrepreneurs to obtain greater profits, to find popular products in the market and to create a stable business model.

Real Estate Investment Plan

We provide a full range of real estate development and investment plan, land development plan, integrated marketing business, and houses advertising plan.


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